Sailing holiday, discover historic Netherlands with the ...

Skûtsje Vlijt & Zegen

Historical sail Skûtsje was built in 1899! 120 m2 sail, up to 12 day guests or 6 overnight guests, you are sailed by the skipper.

Sailing holiday, discover historic Netherlands

Discover the Netherlands with a historic sailboat, the skûtsje Vlijt & Zegen.

Sail with the skipper to Amsterdam, Muiden, Volendam and Hoorn. Discover the 17th-century Netherlands.

The sailing holiday is adapted to your wishes ... Do you want to discover the historic Netherlands, just enjoy sailing, sunbathe, or discover the 21st-century Netherlands? Everything is possible.

In 1899 this sailboat was built as a cargo ship. Now it is equipped for 2 to 6 guests. The ship is 55 ft. long. Has 120m2 of sail. Your party is exclusive on board. With the skipper.

The skipper is responsible, but at least one of you will have to help him sail, pass locks, moor and sail away!

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Sailing holiday

A true experience. The Netherlands is a beautiful country with a rich history. Especially the history of the 17th century. The 17th century is Dutch Golden Age. The Dutch sailed around the world with sailing boats. Reached and brought merchandise from the East and the West of the world to Europe.

The Dutch earned a lot of money here. The Dutch also acted wrong during these trips. Discover everything in the cities and towns that we visit: Amsterdam, Muiden, Volendam, Hoorn and Enkhuizen.

You can enjoy this 17th-century Netherlands; but nowadays, the Netherlands also has a completely different dynamic. During this sailing holiday you can choose: for the splendor of the 17th century, or the dynamic 21st-century Netherlands: with its DJs, refined cuisine, Dutch cannabis, museums and the prosperous Dutch.

Or make a combination.

Before we go ashore, we make a plan that suits your group.


During the sailing holiday we do places where there is a lot to see and experience. You can choose to stay on the boat or visit the sights.

There are many museums in Amsterdam. Among others, the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, the Hermitage, Maritime Museum, Nemo and much more. A lot of nice restaurants, terraces and cafes. The world-famous canals with large and small canal houses from the 17th century. De Wallen with window prostitution and many coffee shops where Dutch-Dutch weed is sold. The fort island of Pampus lies in front of Amsterdam. Muiderslot can be visited in Muiden. Or the always cozy Ome Ko, with its terrace at the large sea lock. The Paard van Marken (lighthouse) is always a beautiful sight in the middle of the Markermeer. Volendam with the many fish stalls, traditional dress (you can also have a picture taken in traditional costume) and shops. Hoorn and Enkhuizen are old fishing and fortification villages, with a lot to see.

Any entrance fees are not included in the price.

The boat

The skûtsje Vlijt & Zegen was built in 1899! More than 119 years old! One of the first iron boats. Weighs 37,000 kilos. Well built, in Friesland, because the boat still floats after 119 years. It is a sailing boat with over 120 m2 of sail.

And if there is no sailing, there is the 90 HP Iveco diesel engine.

The skûtsje is built as a cargo ship. The skipper, at the beginning of the last century, set out every day to carry cargo. In rural areas. Sometimes it was possible to sail, but in the case of headwind or wind, there had to be hunted (hunting = pulling the boat forward with human or horsepower).

The whole family lived on board. The children in the front, the parents in the back, the load in the middle. Every year there are still ladies on board, now more than 80 years old, then children of the former first skipper, to make a trip. They always have beautiful beautiful romantic stories from the past.

The boat has now been adapted to more contemporary standards. But still the feeling of that old time can still be experienced.

There are 3x 2-person beds. 1 is in the living area (headroom). The other 2 in the front. There is no headroom in the front.

On board there is a toilet and sink. We do showering in the ports we visit. There are generally beautiful places where you can shower.

There is a kitchen on board with a four-burner gas stove. Delicious meals can be made. Also on board a BBQ, for a fantastic evening of fun and good food.

In the boat the kitchen, nice seats, kitchen, beds and toilet.

On deck, for sun worshipers, bean bags. For when there is no wind, or no sailing and the sun is shining. The cockpit is for the sailors.


The sailing holiday includes skipper. He is responsible.

The guests are expected to actively cooperate with the skipper. For example, there must be at least 1 person who helps the skipper to sail away, to sail, to pass through locks and bridges, and to moor.

This person does not have to be a super sailor, but has to have affinity with sailing and being responsible. Good listening to the skipper.

At extra cost a 'sailor' is present on the boat that can do all this. Asked and unsolicited, the skipper's wife can sail along.

Sailing area

We sail on the Randmeren, the Amsterdam IJ, Markermeer and IJsselmeer. Large water, but all inland water. There is relatively little wave action. The Dutch landscape can almost always be seen.

The journey

It is your trip. Before you book, we discuss what your wishes are. And which places we do. The skipper / owner can advise you on this.

Email now with your wishes:


The prices include breakfast. Breakfast consists of bread, toppings, coffee, tea, orange juice water and fruit.

The Corenwijn is also included every time we safely enter a port.

You buy other meals yourself (or the skipper for you). Lunch and dinner can be prepared on board (by yourself), or you can go to one of the many restaurants that we encounter.

Of course you can also arrange a BBQ. On the boat, nice and cozy.

Consumptions on the boat you pay per piece. Or you buy your consumptions yourself (in this case you also need to provide the captain and mate with unlimited and unrequested consumptions).


You always sail with the skipper / owner. So safety is guaranteed. The route is determined in advance. But it will always depend on the weather conditions. Above wind force 6 is certainly not sailed. The skipper always has the last word.

You, as a guest, can indicate that you do not want to leave in bad weather conditions.


It is recommended to bring your own rain gear. And shoes suitable for a boat (stiff, but not too much profile, no black soles). In good weather there is also opportunity for swimming. We arrive at beaches, islands and we can swim from the boat.

Speaking language

The skipper / owner speaks Dutch and English. He sleeps, in a group of >4 people, on the couch, in the boat.

Price per person, per day

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